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About Me

About Me

Hello world my name is Brittney Henderson, I'm 23 years old and currently majoring in Secondary Education in Social Sciences. This is my third semester at the University of South Alabama. So far I love the Education program available here, and will utlitize all of my tools I have available. This will be my second time taking EDM 310. I had too drop last semester because of a family emergency. But this semester I feel that I am fully prepared and ready too finally received my "A." I'm from Mobile, Al where I currently live with my 5 year old son Jalen. He is my everything and I love him so much. I believe everything I do and each decision I make will effect his life, and I choose for all my actions too be positive, so that my life and my son's life will have a positive outcome. My passions includes singing, reading poetry, and enjoying life.
In my first "About Me", post I wrote about my mother needing a kidney. Well that was the family emergency I was referring too in my first paragraph. I would have too say that was one of the happiest moments in my life by far having her receive her new kidney. Now the reason I chose to enter Secondary Education as a history major is because I feel that history is very much important in students curriculum just as math and science. I feel that is very important to know ones history. For example learning from one's past mistakes and successes can only improve our future. So now that everything is back too normal in my home life I'm ready too venture back into my school work, and pursuit my goal of becoming a great educator; along with meeting great people along the way.

Randy Pausch Time Management

While watching Mr.Pausch's Time Management video, I gained that it is very necessary to have a well established goal that you want too achieve. I also agree that the United States as a society is so focused in money and less on time management. I personally have too manage my time more wisely.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog # 2

Did You Know? After I reviewed the two videos I was completely amazed.It's amazing how technology has developed at a rapid pace. What caught my attention the most is that there are educators that are training students for jobs that doesn't exist yet. The first week of EDM 310 we had to answer a questionnaire, and one of the questions mentioned,"do you believe that teachers should be technological literate?" Well, after viewing the two videos I agree very much. Another interesting fact I learned was the amount of Googles that are being done a day. I often wandered myself who had the questions before Google. Those two videos really opened my eyes to a boarder outlook of technology. It's very important to open your minds to learn new and exciting things. Always keep your minds open. Mr Winkle I found the Winkle short video funny. The first day of class I'm not ashamed to say that I felt like Mr. Winkle. Technology can be so overwhelming at times; because, there are new gadgets that are being invented everyday. As an education major it's important to keep up on the latest information. With all the new gadgets available children are getting the best of both worlds. What a great way to grab students attention then by combining the two. The part that most interested me was when Mr.Winkle walked into a classroom to see that some things remained the same. I feel that it's very important to keep education on a 50/50 standard. 50 percent technology and 50 percent books balances out just perfectly. I have a feeling after completing EDM 310 I will be far from being a cave woman to technology. The Importance of Creativity I absolutely LOVE this video!!! Sir Ken Robinson is a brillant man. I agree with everything he has said 100 percent. I do believe that arts and humanities are being drowned out of education. It's very important that each student gets the exposure to all subjects in education. I remember going to orientation day at USA, and one of the speakers mentioned that teachers have to be the most well rounded people in their profession. For a long time I questioned why I was required to take P.E. or music to become a history teacher? Now I know and appreciate the arts. Sir Ken Robinson made a valid point when telling the story of the ballerina dancer. It's quick to label individuals by what they do differently then to find out the problem first. I strongly believe everyone has their own unique way of doing things as well as learning differently. As a future educator I feel that it's important to teach kids arts and humanities. Do not take away a child's creativity. For a long time I felt my creativity was taken away from me in high school. That's what motivates me to teach high school students. 21 Century Learning I really did not get the concept of the video. I like the end of the video where they show the video game concept in education. Maybe the whole notion was to incorporate gaming in education, which I can see. It could be very possible to merge the two together for a successful outcome. I could see teachers teaching from a virtual computer game in today's classrooms. Anything that can spark the interest of a student. Digital Smarts I see Ms. Davis is an amazing educator. She is very devoted to her job, and to the students inside her classroom.I agree that learning should not end with pencil and paper. The students in her class seem excited, and most important interested in learning. I must admit I had the perception that teachers should know everything. While watching this video Ms. Davis mentioned sometimes the student should play the role of the teacher. One of the teachers mentioned that Ms. Davis took students from rural Georgia, and exposed them to the Middle East. That's phenomenal! Not only does she exposes her students to technology, but also to different regions around the world. Not to mention the term list below the video was also helpful.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Post #1

   About Me
   Hello everyone my name is Brittney Henderson . I 'm 23 years old I am from Mobile,Al born and raised . I have 5 year old son who's name is Jalen Henderson he's my everything. I live home with my parents who I love dearly.I strongly believe between God and my family is the reason why I'm where I am today.I say that because I put God first in everything I do. My mom is a strong woman; I say that because three days out of the week I see her wake up ,and go take dialysis and come home like nothing ever happens.  I admire her for that .
      One day I told her," Mom I don't see how go threw that every week ." She replied," you would do it to of you wanted to live to see your children and grandchildren everyday." My dad has a great work ethic he's been on the same job for 40 years and in my eyes that's amazing . He told me to take pride in my work even in the most simplest things.My son Jalen  was diagnosed with a mild form of autism when he was 2years old ,but he is smart as a whip and has a personally out of this world. I choose to become a teacher because; I feel students need someone not only to teach them ,but to encourage them and introduce them to what the world has to offer them. 
     When I was in school I thought teachers were one of the most smartest people I ever met. I come from a line of seven teachers ALL Early Childhood ,so I will be the first Secondary .    I choose to attend the University of South Alabama because of its academic programs ,and I live literally 5 minutes away. So it's like I have a 2 for 1 deal. My major is Secondary Education in Social Science. I absolutely love history. 
     I chose history because I strongly believe that everyone should look at the the happenings of the past and appreciate what we have now, and  where  we  are going in the future. I believe teachers are the most important people we need next to doctors, lawyers etc... I chose to teach high school because I feel that is the time when a student is making that transition from childhood to adulthood. That 's a time I feel their mind should be molded into what happens next. I also believe that everyone is a teacher is some aspects. 
     Teaching just does not end with math, reading, science, or history. And learning never ends no matter how old you are.  My interests are learning new things reading/writing poetry , and spending time with my family.

Dr .Pausch
 When watching Dr. Pausch video I certainly  learned a lot about how to spend my time wisely when making deadlines in school. I get over whelmed sometimes when doing my work and have slight anxiety because I really don't know what to do first. Should I do the biggest task or the the small ones .
      I will take Dr.Pausch advice and eat the biggest frog first. I have not heard of him ,but I will be viewing some of his lecture videos on YouTube. I am looking for a fun and successful experience in the course and I believe it will a exciting course.  
Worlde Project 2

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